Diabolik Lovers Triplets Boyfriend Scenarios

Diabolik Lovers Triplets Boyfriend Scenarios

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Personally I would chose Kanato but with the triplets everything is fun, right? Let's see how strong your relationship grows. Will you guys get married? Will you guys have kids?

The world may never know.


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mckenZxt mckenZxt Oct 12
no you're not btw you look better without the hat in my opinion
STRAWBERRY CAKE!! (ps. Erza I didn't eat your strawberry cake don't worry....Natsu ate it)
rude. I have you know i am a B in bra sizes and your still flat chested.
                              Random : he's a man -_- he is supposed to be flat chested
                              My grandpa has bigger boobs that my grandma -.-
                              Random : ...
Oh sorry I couldn't hear you over my 90 degree burns I'm getting from how hot I am
mckenZxt mckenZxt Oct 12
even though he's bipolar as heck and he's a yandere he's still one of my favorite characters, *scoffs*  i must be insane
x__Gone__x x__Gone__x Aug 10
Ayato is hawter!
                              ...and so is Subaru....
                              Subaru is adorbs