Behind The Mask (H2OVanoss) °Completed°

Behind The Mask (H2OVanoss) °Completed°

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'If the devil asks you to dance say never, because a dance with the devil will last you forever' I mumbled as I stared into Jonathan's eyes. His eyes spoke more than what he could ever say. 'Say never' I continued as I mumbled watching him holding his hand out to me. 'Say never' I whispered as I grasped his hand and walked towards him. "Yes" I softly said as I smiled into his eyes, 'the devil in him grabbed my soul and pulled me to hell. He didn't just pull me, he helped me walk'.

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Inky_Insomniatic Inky_Insomniatic Sep 24, 2017
Now all I can think about is the TV show called that, I use to watch that shït when I was younger.
                              Okay yeah so what
                              Read more..........
Me: how about both? 
                              Mom: *glares*
                              Me: What? It was a suggestion and a pretty good one
                              Mom: *bitch slaps me* 
                              Me: 🤯😢
Man, there's alot of Shadows in that area, there's so many Shadows that I either think this is where Shadow the hedgehog lives or that I'm questioning on how are you seeing the area from so many Shadows in the area XD
My friend is in the habit in adopting the 'oh my'. Like literally she sounds like a mom and its kinda creeping me out XD
PeterNovaFoxHD PeterNovaFoxHD Sep 18, 2017
Could use some editing to makes the reading more smooth, but great story so far 💙