Behind The Mask (H2OVanoss) °Completed°

Behind The Mask (H2OVanoss) °Completed°

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HydroEnergy By HydroEnergy Updated Feb 03

'If the devil asks you to dance say never, because a dance with the devil will last you forever' I mumbled as I stared into Jonathan's eyes. His eyes spoke more than what he could ever say. 'Say never' I continued as I mumbled watching him holding his hand out to me. 'Say never' I whispered as I grasped his hand and walked towards him. "Yes" I softly said as I smiled into his eyes, 'the devil in him grabbed my soul and pulled me to hell. He didn't just pull me, he helped me walk'.

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It's literally a one year difference, how will that change much of anything???
PeterNovaFoxHD PeterNovaFoxHD 2 days ago
Could use some editing to makes the reading more smooth, but great story so far 💙
I would be like:
                              Me: HOOT HOOT, MOTHERFUCKER!!! *Kicks da person in da stomache and shoots him* Hoodini, bitch *walks away*
ClintBarton7 ClintBarton7 Dec 26, 2016
OK One girl with pigtails one pink one blue definately Harley Quinn and Two I think that the person watching was Delirious checking out Evan
Hahaha thay bed time though I'm like 14 and I don't have to be in bed till 10
My mom actually told me that if I ever had to resort to it , don't be the prostitute/stripper be the pimp.