Not My Fairytale (ON HOLD)

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rlucas98 By rlucas98 Updated 2 months ago
In a world taken over by werewolves, humans struggle to thrive among all the supernatural creatures. After world war IV, werewolves, vampires, and fallen angels come out from hiding and live in peaceful harmony among the living.
    Annabelle Stray is no match for fate...
How rude to criticize humans as weak in a society of werewolves!
I wanna try something. Can 'soul' and 'mate' go together without auto-correct?
                                    Soulmate. TA-DA.
i think u need to tell us when will u update next next month next year.after 3 years. never......
I feel like I've  been waiting years for an update. I'm missing yyyoooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your story is amazing :D .im looking forward for your next Update :)
Your story is freaking addicting and utterly amazing! I'm looking forward to your next update :D