Mystreet X Reader

Mystreet X Reader

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Shea TheNerd By SheaTheNerd Updated Mar 28, 2017

You love me I love you
You love me I hate you
I love you you love me
I love you you hate me
I love you but we can't be
I hate you or so I say

I don't own no characters except for my Oc's also I don't own y/n(had to put this because in my old description I said I 'owned'y/n XD people got confused)and all the people that are not Oc's are (maybe)famous people ^^like Aphmau,Jadien,ect

Y/n(your name)
F/c(favorite color)
SF/c(second favorite color)
H/c(hair color)
E/c(eyes color)


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Sayaka777 Sayaka777 Jun 21, 2017
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv Jun 23, 2017
My OC is really close friends with the Ro'meave boys so I already like that part of the book^^
pan-_-kuun pan-_-kuun Jun 26, 2017
YASSS I KNEW IT but she made a Vid about her story and why she don't shows ber face and stuff, but everyone honestly just loves her XD <3
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv Jun 23, 2017
Try using more spacing, like don't be afraid to have ALLOT of paragraphs XD
MythicPanda MythicPanda Jul 11, 2017
this but change it so the pink is a dark purple and the zebra patterns are more panda like instead and the photo of the zebra is a panda, and the name would be Panda and photos would have anime on them XD
pan-_-kuun pan-_-kuun Jun 26, 2017
In da picture with da three girls the middle one kinda looks like jaiden..... Right?