Opposite Worlds

Opposite Worlds

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*Jackyboy* By TimandSam Updated Apr 27, 2017

Sean McLaughlin meets Mark Fischbach on Sean's first day at his new school in America, thousands of miles from Ireland.
One day, Sean has to move back to Ireland, and they loose touch.

In college, Mark meets a boy named Jack who he thinks he's falling for.
But Jack is not telling the entire truth...

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Anti-Jack Anti-Jack Sep 19, 2017
Why does this sound like Roan Creek Elementary school in mountain city, Tennessee? The tree on the play ground the basketball court... it sounds to similar.
The-Last-Cookie The-Last-Cookie Apr 30, 2017
It's been a long day
                              Without you my friend
                              And I'll tell you all about it
                              When I see you again
lost_underwear lost_underwear Apr 18, 2017
I just imagine jack as a little kid with a squeaky voice and mark as a rly muscular kid with an even deeper voice than he has now 😂😂
Jack_The_Rainbow Jack_The_Rainbow Aug 01, 2017
Always as a child I'd say that if I lost. Like I totally wasn't even trying dude
sparkygurge sparkygurge Apr 27
I have a teacher named Mrs. Johnson. Honestly I don't know how she's not dead.
Mobgirl2023 Mobgirl2023 Apr 21, 2017
Wait third grade- wtf.... and I just read fan fic to put me and my crush in place of them, but I can't when it's four years younger XD