The Dark Sides Of Life

The Dark Sides Of Life

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Akela By Glovergurl Completed

This is a short fiction story based on 4 real life topics the four topics include obsession, domestic abuse, lust and Safe sex

Story 1 = Allison Kane was a beautiful girl who had it all. She came across the wrong man the right way Her parents loved him but little did they know he had a her diary to get the dirty secrets about her and her "husband", from the romantic beginning until the deep destruction.

Story 2 = Katia Lyne was a down to earth girl who has made bad choices. She is a down to earth girl who is fun but gets easily bored.  One day she decides to log on to a chat room just to occupy her boring time. On this chat , she met a guy who overtime became obsessed with her. He began to become weirder and weirder.

  • abuse
  • action
  • adult
  • age
  • aggressive
  • allison
  • baby
  • beautiful
  • boy
  • boyfriend
  • brad
  • breakfast
  • chat
  • chatroom
  • choices
  • college
  • cops
  • crazy
  • creep
  • date
  • diary
  • drama
  • entry
  • family
  • fear
  • fiction
  • flatter
  • friends
  • girl
  • guy
  • happiness
  • harrassment
  • help
  • husband
  • lied
  • life
  • love
  • mall
  • masturbation
  • miscarriage
  • obsessed
  • obsession
  • old
  • online
  • pain
  • party
  • pervert
  • phonecall
  • pitt
  • plan
  • pregnancy
  • romance
  • room
  • sadness
  • short
  • sisters
  • sneak
  • stalking
  • std
  • stories
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  • teen
  • teenager
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  • therapist
  • violence
  • weird
its-success its-success Feb 15, 2014
This story is really interesting the way it starts but if I want to read more that's good:)
xmakeachange22 xmakeachange22 Dec 19, 2011
omg! thats so good that she divorced her husband! Really unique that you wrote in a diary POV. I think diaries POV are hard to focus on but you did a nice job! (:
SincerelyJune SincerelyJune Dec 16, 2011
For some reason I could never keep a diary! lol anyway this seems really goo and well written. :)
Friday13thx3 Friday13thx3 Dec 15, 2011
This is really cool! Ah i am sooo adding to reading list and voting!
hayley_renee hayley_renee Dec 10, 2011
For this being fiction it feels so real! Awesome first chapter. I have a suggestion though. Maybe use italics instead of using all caps. Just a thought, but it's still good like this :)
TheGreatThinker TheGreatThinker Dec 06, 2011
@Glovergurl Wow...I really thought ur on something coz the way u describe this was very good....your a very good writer!