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The Soul Reaver 2 Alloy

The Soul Reaver 2 Alloy

69.1K Reads 7.3K Votes 38 Part Story
V. L. By Dalleena Completed

Daphne is a Soul Reaver. In search of the one she loves she has to figure out just how far she is prepared to go to find him.
  Mist has been taken by Seraphim. Raked with guilt and loss Daphne sets out to get him back. Luckily she has friends along the way who have her back. But war is looming around the corner and dangers are closing in from every side.
  Peace becomes a fragile thing in wake of the old leaders death. Dealing with who she is and where she comes from catches up with Daphne as she inherits a legacy she has no idea what to do with.
  This is a paranormal, fantasy romance. It contains graphic scenes, language and has sexual content.
New cover by @AHBaig I'm loving it!!

So good, but I need a Mist POV ! So bad. Hopefully you will supply. So excited to be on the second book, I promise to leave some kind of review for the first whence I get my thoughts in order. So excited there's a sequel ! Can't wait to read on! 
zahraazizi zahraazizi Mar 10
Thanks for writing the series I love it finished the first book in a day. The adventure so unimaginably unpresictable and subtle and the routine discription so smooth that I couldn't put my phone down. Thank you again
EvelynBaker EvelynBaker Jun 25, 2016
This is a great start. Daph seems to be adjusting well to not having Mist to rely on, though I have no doubt she's going to get him back. And isn't it just like Toph to be making problems from the grave?
HAHAihaveissues HAHAihaveissues Jun 05, 2016
I'm so happy you made my morning here (๑¯ਊ¯)σ Can't wait for more! #rescue_mist
Chrissy_smiley7777 Chrissy_smiley7777 Jun 13, 2016
I miss his angry face already! I can just imagine him there...angry that she had his sword but also angry because he likes how she looks with it and then angry she wouldn't listen. Lol 😂😂Love me some Mist 😍😍