Like Fire, Like Ice

Like Fire, Like Ice

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The Lexi Show By YoutubeAddictionssss Updated May 22, 2017

Travis, a young, kind, outgoing teenager.  He was like fire.  He spread quickly, he's always so interesting to watch always having fun, being with friends.

Zane, a young, shy, quiet teenager.  He's like ice. He won't budge, not giving in to anything.  He keeps to himself and doesn't let anyone in his personal life.

What will happen when Zane and Travis meet?  With Zane finally give into Travis like ice melting when fire hits it?

Or will Zane stand strong and not melt under Travis's words.

Find out....

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SimplicityOfSilence SimplicityOfSilence Jul 17, 2017
holy shite I feel like Travis is Zane and Zane might be travis XD
                              Travis: welp....
                              Aph:GIMME ALL YO BREAD STICKA
SimplicityOfSilence SimplicityOfSilence Jul 17, 2017
Why is it every time those two are in a sentence together I feel like flipping a table and screaming SHIP!!!
SimplicityOfSilence SimplicityOfSilence Jul 17, 2017
*facepalm* the world will end if you don't get hand to faciel area contact trav
aarmaugurll aarmaugurll Jul 07, 2016
ㅗㅜㅍㅊㅎㅅ겨ㅗㅠㅓㅛㄱ4럴5ㄱ여ㅗㅎㅅㄱ6ㅗ효룧혓곃ㅎ. ㅑㅕ효허ㅓㅛㅕㅛ하ㅕㅗㅕㅛ해ㅕ혀ㅛ숏렇ㅌㅅㄹ러 ㅗㄹㄴㅅㄱ처ㅜ ㅎㅗㄹㄴㅅㄱ처ㅜㅠ. ㅕ퐆
XzCuddlykitty0 XzCuddlykitty0 Aug 12, 2016
I thought it said he brought all the boys to the yard for a second.