Goat Crush (Asgore X Male Reader)

Goat Crush (Asgore X Male Reader)

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I'm a Shadowhunter By Lukeduke_thecat Completed

[Started 5/28/2016. Finished 5/19/2017]

Asgore has a crush on you.

Ever sense he took you in after he left your dad who's been ignoring you and abusing your older sister.

   You didn't know that he had a crush on you. But you do know is that you had a crush on him as well.

  • asgore
  • lemon
  • undertale
  • yaoi
Asgore trying to be polite 24/7 already counted like 5 ' Thank you's' in less than 5 minutes. XD
Zolgo3 Zolgo3 Jun 21
With the spelling mistake in the opening for this story of "sense" instead of "since", it's clear you might need an editer or some sort of proofreader.
                              Please get one.
Imma pretend it says girl or she when ever it says boy or he for the reader... I can't help it I like asgore