Devil loves an Angel (Gruvia)

Devil loves an Angel (Gruvia)

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Gray Fullbuster is one of the leaders of the enforcement team(think Mafia)of the Fairy Tail gang. Orphaned at a young age and a high school dropout out the kind of person fathers don't want their daughters around. Life in a gang has hardened his heart he is cold and unforgiving. 

Juvia Lockser is the daughter of the chief of police, she has always been an angle of a daughter. She is a straight A student starting college. Juvia has always been the perfect obedient daughter that would never do anything her father would disapprove of.  

But what happens when the two fall in love.

Pfff "I could just kill him." You know because I do that shi* all the time. What's one more?
Kat_MCD Kat_MCD Oct 24
Me: *small fangirl squeal*
                              People: *give me a look of judgement.
                              Me: *cough*
XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Oct 29
Ima real gangster 
                              Ya kids is playing 
                              This my side bïtch
                              'But he don't know that I'm pregnant!'
                              And I kill bï- WAIT WTF!
Sorry,  Gray,  cuz I love u,  I rlly do,  but that's not really true...
blagomila blagomila Sep 23
Yes gray if you kill her boyfriend she would jump straight into your arms😅
Gray, I don't know how to tell you this but, you can't just kill your problems.