recreation {joshler}

recreation {joshler}

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spookyty By im-soo-dun Completed

After a tragic car accident, Josh is put in a full body cast next to a mysterious man. The two are forced to room together for the next few months.

Tyler has fluid in his lungs and once a day, every day for an hour, he must sit up to help drain the fluid. His bed is next to a window, and the window sill looks really nice. 

Every day, Tyler describes to Josh, the man who can't move to see, the various and beautiful sceneries he sees through the window. It's all so beautiful and pure poetry.

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ellaayatess ellaayatess Jul 18
lmao so last term in english we read this story as our assessment. you just changed the people to tyler and josh. it's a good story, but this isn't original. sorry.
Being a bird would be cool. Not as much stress and drama as there is to being a human.
my faith in the fandom is restored-no one is throwing unnecessary basic references in the comment section
Reading the comments made me very afraid that this is a sad reference I didn't understand.
Ruby_Hair Ruby_Hair Apr 09
@Deborah_azn elle je l'ai pas lus mais askip elle fait pleurer pleins de gens si tu la lis tu me dira ce que t'en penses
impllct impllct Feb 21
this reminded me of the first couple lines of the bee movie 
                              kill me