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Yandere-Fan By Yandere-Fan Updated Sep 05, 2016

Art by Riki my bff nyeh its sooo cute she got lazy so she just used the Sans from my other book but the Papyrus is new!!!~ this is also the cover~~~~

You had just clicked reset, and now you where on a bed of golden flowers. "Howdy I'm Flowey the-Damn has anyone ever told you that you look smoking hot!" A golden Flower had said that, your mind wandered to Sans he had said that once. You roll your eyes and say "I know everyone in this world wants to rape me, but I won't let yo or anyone else!!!" Floweys smirk widened and his face got contorted "Oh really?" Suddenly vines started coming out of the ground and surrounded you, one of the vines grabbed you by the legs and another one got your hands. Flowey then made the vines come closer to him, you were now face to face with the flower.

"Now tell me Y/N have you been here before? Because if you have you would of surely seen that coming, wouldn't you? Now prove to me that your not lying, tell me the names of some of the monsters that live h...

I barely know what the word lust means and my friend just had me read this cause I wanted to know more AU's why must you do this Sans ;•;
add ne as Lexi as a new monster:She looks at Y/N "why hello there cutie~"
*hangs head*..........
                              Midnight: it's fine
                              Me:............when did you get here?
                              Midnight: oh......this is my AU form
                              Me:.................................*teleports out*
                              Midnight: oh well
No,I'm not smoking hot. I'm trash(lays on floor with blooky)
JackThePirateSkelly JackThePirateSkelly Dec 03, 2016
NOPE NOPE NOPE. *walks backwards still saying Nope*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              Where is Chara when we need her the most…