Teacher's Sex Slave - rewriting

Teacher's Sex Slave - rewriting

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Rachel✔️ By jucayasex Updated Dec 17, 2017

"So let's make a deal. I will tutor you but you have to give me something in return." He suggested, whispering in her ear. His lips sucked gently on her earlobe. Maya was shocked yet she kind of turned on. 

"D-deal," she shuttered has he slides his hand under her shirt, gently squeezing her breast. Then he stopped, his hand leaving from under her shirt and into his pockets. 


Maya was 16 with bad grades. Until there is a new teacher. Maya thinks he's pretty hot but knows nothing will happen. Until he proves her other wise. After doing things together in secret. Her friends find out. Maya soon realized that she may have feelings for her teacher but a kissed changed that.

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Mrshankly Mrshankly Aug 02, 2016
Oh Come on that is not realistic I mean how did he get his teaching degree (I'm not sure how you call it in english) in 3 years ! He must be at least 24-25
onceuponaparmiga onceuponaparmiga Oct 27, 2016
before i continue, is this a joshaya story or a lucaya story?
Drama_Hoe Drama_Hoe Nov 30, 2016
Oka he might just be 21 but this is still illegal bc he is an adult and she is still a minor so #RApEd
tsumanii tsumanii Jan 25, 2017
                              "What's a vampires favorite fruit? A NECKTORINE!"
                              Aha comedic gold well anyways on with the story then.