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Desert Thorn

Desert Thorn

69.1K Reads 7.1K Votes 50 Part Story
Amy By elphadora Completed

Ilana of the desert tribes has always been a fighter. The desert people have long been regarded as masters of hand to hand combat, and she is no exception. Sent into the wild during her rite to become a full member of the tribe, she meets Lord Vandil. He is cynical, arrogant, and everything a war hero is expected to be. But he makes Ilana an offer she can't refuse - -Train at the palace in the capital city and she could become a full knight of the realm. Once there, Ilana struggles to rid the palace of its prejudices about both females and desert warriors, not to mention the grueling training regimen and a fellow female who longs to knock her teeth in. Oh, and the war looming on the horizon might be a problem too, especially since Ilana hates magic.
Cover by my bae @seventhstar

sanzaclara sanzaclara Oct 12, 2016
Nice to know how the names are actually pronounced here, else it will be embarrassing to learn that the way I used to pronounce the name was wrong all along....
DarkSkyDreaming DarkSkyDreaming Oct 12, 2016
Can I just say how much I love the cover? It's beautiful! I can't wait to start reading this story.
euqirnam euqirnam Dec 28, 2016
But it would be more awesome if its a boy, the main character.
julienneofficial julienneofficial Oct 12, 2016
The characters names and how you put them into words, really interests me. The pronunciation is also very unique. I realized I had been saying Ilana's name wrong
Emerelda Emerelda Sep 05, 2016
Most of these names are how I imagined them or very close to it, with the exception of Ilana. I always thought that it was ih-lah-na 
                              Thanks for the clarification! Keep up the amazing work!
madisontheswimmer madisontheswimmer Jun 11, 2016
I love how action packed this story seems! Looking forward to see how it all plays out!