Raven Song (An Itachi/OC Love Story)

Raven Song (An Itachi/OC Love Story)

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Meg By MichaelisHearts Updated Oct 16, 2016

"Stars fade away, they just
Crash into space
Disappear from the light
Like you and I."
- Haley Reinhart, 'Undone'.

  The Yanagi Clan has been homeless ever since the invasion of their home on the outskirts of the Land of Lightning. Their leader, Yanagi Eishima, is desperate, as their very lives rest within the survival of one tiny willow seed called the Shinzai seedling. After months of travel, the seed has begun to weaken, and as it does, so to do its protectors. As her clansmen begin to wither and die around her, Eishima resolves to do anything she can for her clan's survival. But time is running thin, and the young leader and her clansmen grow desperate.

  The ninja village of Konohagakure is their final hope.

TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Jan 14
When I think of Keep Holding On, I think of the song by Falling In Reverse