Do We Deserve Eachother ?

Do We Deserve Eachother ?

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~(Ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes)~

Mhewish Ali, a typical 22 year old practicing Muslimah. She is currently a paediatrician and her life being hectic and all, she still has time for her loved ones. She is beautiful, smart and intelligent and is full of kindness. She is a very caring person and tries her best to make everyone happy. Her anger sometimes gets the best of her and she hates herself for that. Her childhood and been hard for her but her pasts has been hunting her since. Two tragedies, one saviour in the form a devil and the other in the form of a devil but truly an angel. How will she survive?
Omer Mhemood, a handsome and dashing 24 year old so-called Muslim. He drinks occasionally, goes to parties, doesn't pray and barely remembers Allah. He is an arrogant, self conceited, jerk, as Mhewish likes to call him. He is currently the C.E.O. of Qureshi Enterprises and this makes his ego a lot bigger than himself. He loves his family a lot except a certain woman, Mhewish Ali. He hated her from the bottom of his heart. Why? Because she fell for him and he refused to reprocriate her feelings? Or is it something?

What happens when a certain wish reunites these two together? A bond that make these two fall for each other or hate each other more? Will love clash their lives or will it disappear forever? In the end, do they really deserve each other? 

Sit back and brace yourselves because this is gonna be a hell of a ride!

EnasNaeem EnasNaeem Aug 16
Nice and salutes u and plus i think it would be OMER THE HANDSOME(devi)
EnasNaeem EnasNaeem Aug 16
AROOJ MIMI  ( heart attack) haaaaa......... I really frozed on this nickname
taqiali6 taqiali6 Aug 19
wow... nyc chapter... loved it.. aww soo sad... enas calm down gal.... n who is at d door oh noo...
Assalamualaikum sorry to say bt i didn't understand that before 7 years faiz is 20 and after 7 years he is 24. How is that possible girl..
                              Well Mehwish is cool ....
                              I feel sad for her.At least the douche Omer ;) could do was decline her love in a proper manner rather than making her feel so bad ..
                              Anyways ...looking forward to read more. :)
Lmao, wen dey take off their shoe you know you in for trouble 😂😂😂