Deceiving Eyes

Deceiving Eyes

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CUSAHA Queen By Yummbunn Updated Oct 31

I'm that quiet girl the class. 
The one who sits at the back. 

I'm the one who eats alone. 
The one at the empty table. 

I'm the one who doesn't talk. 
The one that seems to be around no one. 

I've kept my secret since the day I've seen it all.

I can't tell you what I think because if I try I regret it. 

I can't see what you see, because everything I see are in shades of Black, Grey, and White. 

Because I can't tell you how I feel. 
It won't reach the ears they touch.

I do not own ohshc or any of their characters. All the credit goes to the creator  and I only own my oc.

Glitterful_Emo Glitterful_Emo 2 days ago
....relatable, except in Australia/New Zealand in the schools I've been in there aren't any tables/ chairs for the lunch break, just concrete to sit on.... or maybe I just never got to sit on the chairs O-o
s202242 s202242 Nov 28
..........I am just like her at my school now......I dont know why though
Faery_Brown Faery_Brown Nov 28
So much in common, except I choose to be alone cause I like hate half the people I'm friends with and the other half seem to have crushes on me (a lot of them are guys I've known forever and I'm mostly into girls, so it's rlly awkward)
Faery_Brown Faery_Brown Nov 28
I used to eat in a teacher's classroom because they were my best friend
emmyquake emmyquake Nov 24
True one of the only things i do. i have a week off and im never out of my room always on my phone in my bed
That was beautiful! Very.. Soothing I guess? I can't really find the word that suites this story.. How it's so calm and it shows so much feeling..