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Athena By athenamaddox Updated Sep 15

(Man x Boy) (18+)

"Everyone on this ship has been wronged. We've been beaten, bloodied, and scorned, in many diff'rent ways. We live a life of freedom to spite the society that turned their backs on us, made us outcasts. Aye, we are hard. We have to be. But we are still men. We are men with hearts jus' like yours."

"North . . . I'm a pirate. I have been beaten, bloodied, and scorned. I have been outcast from society, and cast to sea. North . . . they threw me in that boat . . . I was so scared when I woke up -" I choke. "I was out there for days. I was so sure I was going to die. I felt so alone - they had betrayed me - please don't make me go back there -"

And he had calmed me, held me in my panic, grazed his fingers across my cheek and taught me to breathe again. He pulled me towards him, whispering to me, comforting me with his breath on my face until I leaned in to kiss him . . .

Cover by @freecoversforyou

This story is inspired by the Pirate Chains series by @Syrvat

athenamaddox athenamaddox Dec 18, 2016
By the way, if anyone wants to make a map for their story, I used fantasynamegenerator.com for this, it's really helpful