Sterek One-Shots

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alison By LukesCheerios Updated a year ago
As it says in the title, these are Sterek fics. One-Shots about the boyxboy pairing from Teen Wolf of Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale. If you don't like don't read. Okay? Good. Now for those of you who do like this, ENJOY THE FICS!!!  May contain spoilers for Teen Wolf.  Please submit prompts. I'll write almost anything, but smut.
@FLUFFandYAOI im sorry @ChristinaGarrison3 but I already have a girlfriend
Jesus I thought that was going to end terribly. My parents probably think I'm nuts XD
i literary just started this show today and i already ship sterek all the way
@FLUFFandYAOI OMD that was the most beautiful comment I've seen.
oh god that was terrifying!!!!! I thought u were going to make him die!!!!! D:  :'(