it feels soriel ♥ sans x toriel ✔

it feels soriel ♥ sans x toriel ✔

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{under heavy editting}

"knock knock"

it all started with a giant door that separates the RUINS from Snowdin.

"who's there?"

they would often share jokes with each other for the entire day until the sun sets and the moon rises on the unseen surface.

but now, this is their opportunity for a formal introduction from each other in person . they were really anticipating their meeting and were struggling in a state of nerve-wreck.

looking back at that memory is a sweet thing to cherish; the recollection of these unforgettable moments creating a stronger and more passionate bond between the two as they commented on and on about their past lives and experiences.

they continued sharing lighthearted chortles, vivacious with each other's presence and genuineness.

they did not need to worry about anything anymore and just focus on nothing but each other and their other tight-knit cohorts.

toriel closed her eyes and released a small smile of content, euphoric that she got to meet someone as outstanding as the skeleton perched beside her, reciprocating the delighted feeling.

"i still can't believe that we are living in this privileging situation. it just feels . . . soriel," sans joked along with a perfectly timed punchline, earning a burst of cachinnation from the goat.

he stared at her in mesmerized manner; awe-struck and blown away by her effortless beauty. the skeleton joined in the laughter, substantially ecstatic that he met someone as amazing as her.

he felt so happy just by being around her, and that's the light that motivates him and pushes him further into sparking his goal with determination.

his goal is to make her happiness everlasting and real.

"is that 'soriel' pun a concoction of our names now, sans?"

a bit flustered at that point out, he retorted with a grin, "yes, it is."

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TheDepressedSans TheDepressedSans Oct 07, 2017
This made no sense
                              Until it did 😉
BrownieTheWolf0 BrownieTheWolf0 Jan 03, 2018
I saw something like a pun or something in a different story but I can't remember ;~; Also, idk who's speaking :3
GabrielleWarren GabrielleWarren Jun 06, 2016
Oh. My. Gawd.
TereziKilledJohn TereziKilledJohn Aug 13, 2016
5 seconds I to the story.
                              This is one of the most creative intros yet. Multiple lines from different time lines, from different characters. Brilliant
- - Oct 18, 2016
The title.
                              It wasn't TORIEL (too real)
                              but it is ASRIEL (as real) as it gets!
                              Here, just in case you need a ton more laughs
                              a skele-TON.