The Big Five

The Big Five

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Excerpt: I laughed with my best friend. Joey had slipped by stepping on a puddle of water. He rubbed the back of his head and smiled a cheeky grin. We were having fun. We were best friends since we were like one.

We were still laughing, but the scene changed. I wasn't laughing anymore. Only Joey was laughing. And he was laughing with his new friends. I was left behind. I was crying now.

"Why?" I found myself asking. "Why did you do it, Joey?"

"Who are you?" Joey asked, no recognition in his eyes. He had abandoned me. He forgot me.
The Big Five are an infamous group who have a nasty habit of breaking hearts. Their members include Joey Gordon, the natural leader; Sam Fisher, the sweet talker; Alex Northwood, the star quarterback; Eric Parker, the mysterious bad boy; and Roger Pickles, the smart artist. Wherever these five goes, trouble follows.

Nicole Peterson is an independent teenage girl who is determined to keep her past behind her and move forward without any distractions. When she becomes the center of attention because of her former best friend's slip of the tongue, she is turned into a game. From his bet that she would never give in to any boy in the group, the five bad boys become determined to be the one to crack her and take her heart.

Already struggling from a previous breakup, will Nicole give in to the wooings of the five most popular guys in school, or stand her ground and graduate at the top of her class like she promised?

*Awesome cover by Kurahara*