The Mate Call (On Hold)

The Mate Call (On Hold)

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Meghna Anand By AuroraLights18 Updated Sep 16, 2017

#51 in Werewolf Category on 7/19/2017

Haley Anderson, daughter of the Alpha of Blue Moon Pack. A happy-go-lucky girl, who just turned 18 and wants her mate. She is a girl who doesn't take shit from anyone.

Aiden McCall, the 18 year old Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack.  Biggest player and heartbreaker of Bay Park High School. A boy afraid of commitments, trying to fight the mate bond but needs his mate for She is the Luna of his pack.

What will happen when these two find out that they are mates? Will Haley get back at Aiden for giving her a tough time? Will Aiden look at Haley as not only the Luna of his pack but also his mate? Will Haley help Aiden overcome his insecurities?

Join these two on a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions, rejection, prank wars, over coming insecurities and LEARNING TO LOVE. 
After all. no matter how much you try, you 
Can't Ignore THE MATE CALL.!
*No rogue attacks, or any attack or war of any kind. Just a simple, cute rom-com story but with a twist. Hope you like it.

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off-cam-mrs-jeon off-cam-mrs-jeon Aug 11, 2017
its a bit too fast-paced but i would rather read this than those very slow-paced books... no offense to others out there...