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Septiplier Smuts

Septiplier Smuts

15.7K Reads 270 Votes 2 Part Story
-Lives-for-Fanfic- By -Undertale_Fangirl- Updated May 31, 2016

I'm doing it! This book is eventually going to be filled with tons of smuts, all septiplier! Okay thanks XD

Fliedidraw Fliedidraw Feb 20
Louder than Satan himself? Impressive boys....btw Mark I don't think he wanted the whole could've let out some detail. Like, wtf Mark xD
septiceye_lester septiceye_lester Dec 30, 2016
*draws check mark on paper that's on a clip-board*
                              repeated phrases, check.
im cringing so much... why does my old account with this trash have more views than my acc now im offended
Carrotbites Carrotbites Dec 27, 2016
(@_@) bruh u explained it so well AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
maddieplierrrr maddieplierrrr 6 days ago
The story was great! strange... But great! Keep up the amazing work!!
_Satan_The_Shipper_ _Satan_The_Shipper_ Nov 26, 2016
w...wait.. why wouldn't you just say 'Oh yeah we  had sex'...?