✔ Even When The Sun Stops Shining

✔ Even When The Sun Stops Shining

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"Even when the clouds cover the skies, even when the stars have all fallen down towards the vast land of the Earth, even when the galaxies have exploded and somehow bursted into a million tiny specks of dust and even when the sun stops shining and darkness is all that you can see

I will be here for you. I will hold your hand forever and lead you home. I will lead you to my heart and I will make sure that you will stay there for eternity"

A BokuAka fan fiction 

  • akaashikeiji
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  • bokutokoutarou
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GalaxyFox02 GalaxyFox02 Apr 19
lavenderduck, OMG😂you are so right am pretty sure they're still in the hospital, lol.
Grimmire Grimmire Aug 14, 2016
Thalia_hufflepuff Thalia_hufflepuff Oct 14, 2016
Can I turn the question? "Are you the Nao-Girl who are the Owl-Captains Girlfriend? Yes? Then here me out...Take your Hands away from Akaashi or I'll swear,your life will get terrible
Trans_better Trans_better Sep 11, 2016
DAMN.. I mean come on Akaashi, rude.. but honestly I'm on Akaashi's side. that's some shït  I would say
Grimmire Grimmire Aug 14, 2016
I'm sure he's okay... He probably got into an accident or something.... No cancer what r u talking about
Nadigator Nadigator Jul 27, 2016
That's when you know he is probably going to die and leave Bokuto all blind and alone o-o