Queen of the Circus

Queen of the Circus

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[On hold. Being re-written]

I had almost no memories of my past. Almost none at all. Except for one. One fragment of a memory. But it was as clear as glass. So vivid, it was like looking at a realistic painting.

The memory was of fire. A bright, blazing flame, eating away at a mansion. It was horrific. The crackling of the flames, the roaring heat, the seething blaze against my skin.

I heard screams. Agonizing screams of terror. A frightened wail of a child. A sobbing cry from a terrified girl. Me.

That memory was all I had from my past, minus the sorry excuse of a nightgown on my back. I had wondered the streets for a year, miserable and on the verge of my breaking point. I just wanted to die.

But then he came. The Joker. He guided my soul out of the darkness. He gave me a family, a home. It was rather shabby, but we cared for each other in any way we could. I had gotten a job at East End, trying to earn money to support my new family. The others did too. We all played our part in this place.

Then Father adopted us. Oh, it was heaven to be off the streets. We were given proper food and clothes, and given a roof and bed to sleep.

We created a circus. Noah's Ark Circus. We created a haven for ourselves and for other people. A place where we made people smile with joy, laugh in amusement and gape with awe.

We had a happy life. A peaceful life. I wouldn't have traded anything for the world. I was content with this lifestyle, and I hoped to any god that was out there that he would grant my wish.

But it was not to be. My world was destined to crash and burn, just like that manor long ago. And the cause?

Ciel Phantomhive.
Cover made by @cranerain :)

Co-author is @GalaxyGirl1663 so go check her out! ;)

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Saralijau Saralijau May 20
This far I´m in love... (and sorry for saying it now, but I just got this strong feeling that she is Ciel's sister... ) But really, this story is awesome <3
_Starry_Skies_ _Starry_Skies_ Aug 03, 2016
Looking back I realized how the original plot is like almost completely different to what I have now, and it is giving me a migraine on all the plot holes.