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1| IMessage ▹Stiles Stilinski

1| IMessage ▹Stiles Stilinski

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melanie By -sidjenkins Completed

"They both looked at each other with the same deep fire of love in their eyes."


   Ruthie Blossom lived in Beacon Hills as the shy, but yet adorable girl. She definitely wasn't the girl most guys went for, she was no Lydia Martin. But at times she wished she did have at least one person that loved her the way boys love Lydia. She had nothing against Lydia, she actually considered her a friend. Ruthie's Junior year of high school is changed when she meets Stiles Stilinski. 

   Stiles Stilinski is well, we already know, a sarcastic, very energized teen aged boy. Everyone thought he has loved Lydia since basically birth, but they were all wrong, even his werewolf best friend, Scott. He liked Ruthie. But he knew how shy the girl is and how awkward he is. Them talking would be a train wreck. So he never went for it. 

   Until one of them attempts to text their best friend, and accidentally texts the other.

[Season 3a]
[Teen Wolf]
[Stiles Stilinski]

I need your love
                              I need your time
                              When everything's wrong
                              You make it right
                              I feel so high
                              I come alive
                              'I need to be free with you tonight'
                              I need your love
XoBekahXo XoBekahXo Mar 16
TROYE MY SON 💖 I love him so much I saw him preform in October n he was beautiful 😭
She's got my heart tied in a knot, and my stomach in a whirl
califcrnias califcrnias Feb 08
-kinda there bit not not quite, walking round with just one shoe
Elfnsks skss. I broke my chair. I actually broke my chair from fangirling. Help