Alone Together (Jalex)

Alone Together (Jalex)

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Stupid alarm. I hated that I had to wake up every morning to work. In fact, I hated that I had to get up. Because, I wasn't really sleeping much, I couldn't be in dreamland for more than 5 hours. I don't even know why. I guess I'm too damn complicated to sleep like everybody else. 

Anyway, I had to go shower and possibly have breakfast, even though I wasn't hungry. But what if I craved food while working? I couldn't just not eat on mornings or I'd surely die of starvation before noon. But at the same time, if I ate, that would mean calories. And here's the thing, maybe they were scaring me. Not in the anorexic way. I wasn't anorexic at all. But, they represented what food was made of, and sometimes, I hated to know how unheathy my favorite foods were.

Shower, right. Focus.

See, this was happening maybe too much on a daily basis. These convos with myself were almost the only ones I had, so I started to have them more often each passing day. Which wasn't exactly the right thing to do,...

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its not helping that I'm listening to Save You by Simple Plan ri now
of course Rian would say that
                              that child listens to his mama
21_maples 21_maples Aug 17, 2016
I was at a blink 182 concert, with all time low and A day to remember yesterday
imnaturallyblonde imnaturallyblonde Sep 12, 2016
He just said all time (low) favorites 
                              I'm sorry I can't help ot
AlcShot AlcShot Jul 31, 2016
Wow I can relate to both so so much. And the story is very cute and actually very realistic too. It seems like they could have really met this way:) Keep up the nice work'
jackbaratitty jackbaratitty Nov 08, 2016
All these people who called it and I'm here surprised because I didn't expect that