The Wretched and Divine {Black Veil Brides}

The Wretched and Divine {Black Veil Brides}

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Hannah By SlapYouIntoOblivion Completed

This is the story of a revolution.  Happy endings in the real world are more of a fairy tale then the wives tales told around campfires.  People don't live long enough to find the felicity that this world can bring when all around there is death and destruction.  However, lights can be lit and hope can be instilled no matter how desolate the situation may seem.  A raised fist can cause a population to follow in the footsteps of a great man in hopes of being lead to some paradise.  This haven can only be won through the blood and woes of war, one with a story forged in the vermillion gore.  When love is caught up in the midst of an uprising such as this, there comes a choice.  The choice is obvious but...

There is no path but to win...even if it means losing everything you hold dear to you.

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