Seraphino (boy/boy)

Seraphino (boy/boy)

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At the tender age of sixteen, Emery's family takes a dangerous stray of a teen into their otherwise happy home.  Emery has had trouble separating fear from desire ever since.

As Emery and Luka enter adulthood, Emery realizes that Luka's growing in the way that he's seen most strays at the clinic do; quietly - quickly, and with strength.

Although, there's still something hurt and wild that's pulsing beneath Luka's skin, something that tacitly lashes in his expression from time to time.  Luka likes to wander off into the woods at dusk.  He keeps his strangely devoted hound close at his side, the mirrors turned away in his undecorated room, and salt scattered under his window. 

Is he trying to keep something evil out?  Or something wicked in?