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Red Skies | ✔

Red Skies | ✔

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L.D Jones By ProjectPr1de Updated Jun 06

''Ya' know, I've always wanted to become a superhero...''
     After six teenagers wander off into a forest during a high school party, they are captured by the infamous terrorist group known as Blodgharm. During their capture, they meet the leader of Blodgharm, who reveals to them that they all are a part of an evolved group of humans known as Primes.
     During a rescue mission orchestrated by PRIDE, a covert military organization that has been tasked with bringing down Blodgharm, the teens are exposed to the element Primonium in its rawest form. The element, which is deadly to normal humans, grants them special abilities. 
     While with PRIDE, the group learns to control and master their abilities. However, after learning about Blodgharm's nefarious plan to expose the world to a weaponized form of the experimental element, Primonium, they are in a race against time to stop them. Heroes will be pushed to the limit; secrets will be unveiled. 
     And the skies will turn red.

[Highest Rating: #19 in Sci-Fi]
Book 1 of the Heroes series
                        Cover by: @ProjectPr1de
                        All Rights Reserved

Your descriptions are very detailed which brings your work to life. I would caution you however, as sometimes the writing can get dense making it difficult to follow what's actually happening.
Nova_Io Nova_Io Jun 18
If this were a movie, I think someone would be narrating the whole prologue in a very, very deep voice
kspxec kspxec 5 days ago
that was breathtaking. I literally did not realize I was holding my breath the entire time. currently, I'm reconsidering the entirety of my two chapters.
Great prologue. Very captivating with your descriptions. I can truly see and feel everything happening! It was a bit wordy at times, but not too much that it destructed from the action. I'm excited to read more to find out what that "device" was.
So, so so good! Intimate descriptions, subtle writing  (not overly poetic for dramatic effect), engaging action and straight up badass.
akwharp akwharp 2 days ago
I don't remember this AT ALL from the first time I peeked in to this story. Holy crap. It's so descriptive and feels like a Netflix show already haha.