Weak (BoyXBoy)

Weak (BoyXBoy)

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L. Hale By Needing_SomeHale Updated Oct 30

"And as I looked down at the sleeping body beside me... My chest started to feel all fuzzy. I reached down, pushing back a lock of his messy, crazy pitch black hair. I let my fingers linger and traced them down his sharp jaw, to the curve of his chin and I ran my thumb over those parted rosy, plump lips. His wild eyes were closed and in the low light, his long lashes left shadows on his cheekbones. The typical smell of roses and cigarettes wafted off of him but once again, I found it... comfortable. His strong arms gripped me tighter and as light of a sleeper as Abel was, I was afraid to move thinking that I would wake him up and lose out on this rare sight of a calm Abel. I stared down at him and all that I could do was smile and think, how could anyone ever call this adorable dork a monster?"

Riley Love is moving. That's right, you've heard it here first, folks. The golden boy, who everyone loves, adores, and aspires to be is moving in a couple of weeks. Honestly? He's not happy about it. His whole life is here! He's worked his whole life to get great grades, do great in sports, and get into his dream college, which happens to be thirty minutes outside of his home town. But there's nothing that Riley can do to stop the move; he can only live it up while he's still here. 
That's where Abel Mitchell comes into play. 
Abel is a hotheaded, stubborn, troublemaker with a bit of a wild side. Feared by all except his trusty sidekick, Kala, Abel tends to stick to himself and live life however he wants while everyone else ignores him in order to keep from making him angry. Judged based on how he looks, dresses, and where he lives, only one person other than Kala can see Abel's soft side. 


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stiffwhere1 stiffwhere1 7 days ago
honestly cheating is the only way I've stayed with an A-B ngl
stiffwhere1 stiffwhere1 7 days ago
I've cheated like 20 times and nothing bad ever happened, you probably just have bad luck SIS
Gender fluid is when you switch from boy girl and non binary, non binary means you don’t conform to a gender
Abby2Cool Abby2Cool Nov 15
........Author San, please dont take offense and I hope I dont come off as a know it all, but Kala is by that definition gender neutral not fluid. If she were gender fluid, she'd identify as both (either/or).
stiffwhere1 stiffwhere1 7 days ago
it's cute how he thinks he's actually scary😂 he's a twink idgaf abt his height
stiffwhere1 stiffwhere1 7 days ago
ohh so you want him to join a gang, skip school, do drugs, get a gun, talk back, get in fights, have 10 gf at once. now I only named a few, but those are things like 17-18 yr olds do. sooo