Red (Pipabeth)

Red (Pipabeth)

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In the same AU as the fic Blue (Jercy) that I wrote (takes place after, now they're in college. You don't have to read Blue if you don't want)

Piper and Annabeth are closer than ever. Being best friends, they liked to hang out with each other and enjoy each other's company.

Like friends do. 

And sometimes Piper would fantasize of Annabeth laughing and kissing her. Piper could listen to Annabeth talk for hours and never get tired of her and how her gray eyes lit up.

You know, the usual.

And sometimes Annabeth would crave to hear Piper's voice and stare at her mesmerizing eyes.

Friends are like that, right?

And sometimes Piper and Annabeth would wander through the gardens on campus and view the flowers in full bloom. The roses grow wild and free and beautiful. In giant blossoms, the red pigment glistened in the sun, the color as red as Piper's lipstick. Like how the city sky darkens with brilliant reds and oranges.

When love collides,