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Run, Royals, Run! (A Roleplay) (CLOSED!)

Run, Royals, Run! (A Roleplay) (CLOSED!)

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The Mysterious Stranger By Some_Random_Person98 Updated Nov 23, 2016

Life was perfect...Well, sort of. It was perfect for those who lived in the better kingdoms. For those who lived in the lower kingdoms it wasn't so perfect, but we don't need to talk about that right now. It was peaceful--perhaps an unsteady peace, but peace just the same. 

   There were letters--each one written on golden paper with writing of charcoal pinned to the door with a dagger carved from wood. On each were written a different message, a threat, but not how to avoid or break it. 

  Each threat was made towards a king or queen, and was so ridiculous that it wasn't taken seriously. Magic had all but been stomped out--only the lawless kingdoms allowed it, and even they would kill any 'wizards' or 'witches' they found. They brushed it off as some lunatic or a prank...

   That is, until it happened to them...

Now the young royals have to run for their lives through a portal into worlds nothing like their own to escape and maybe save the day.


phichit-chu phichit-chu Sep 02, 2016
Corsets are actually pretty comfortable in my experience. I had to wear one once for a thing and I actually liked it lmao
Nieceofcatwoman Nieceofcatwoman Sep 03, 2016
AWESOME! i love the more old/medieval clothing its so much more unique. Definitely going to join
vpking50 vpking50 Sep 03, 2016
Best idea for a character ever. A male who everyone thinks is so strong and brave and powerful, but he's actually a total knowledge need.
phichit-chu phichit-chu Sep 03, 2016
The kind of character I'm gonna make will mostly depend on if we're allowed to have characters with magic or not. .-.