Inked Armor (Punk Niall)

Inked Armor (Punk Niall)

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Hadley's life has been uneventful and quiet since the day her parents died, she and her brother being forced to move and start a new life with just the two of them.

Everything is normal until Niall moves to her hometown of Wolverhampton, too many tattoos and too much confidence for Hadley to be interested in. But she finds herself going against her instincts and becoming infatuated by Niall. His whole story is vague, moving from Ireland to Wolverhampton alone and with no parents or family?

Hadley knows to stay away, but she simply can't stop thinking about him.

So what happens when the lion meets the lamb?

Scarlett_D_Jones Scarlett_D_Jones Aug 24, 2017
Lol my eyes change from light brown when I'm happy to dark brown when I'm sad to pitch black when I'm pissed
Scarlett_D_Jones Scarlett_D_Jones Aug 24, 2017
Lol this reminds me of my boyfriend but he has a lip ring as well
Scarlett_D_Jones Scarlett_D_Jones Aug 24, 2017
Omg there's this guy in my science class which always comes up w some stupid question and the teacher just argues with him for the rest of the lesson😂😂😂😂
aami1247 aami1247 May 07, 2016
I have color changing eyes they change colour every year this year it is blue
lokifriggasons lokifriggasons Feb 16, 2016
my eye colour varies on what i wear. they were originally a dark shade of blue, but now they change from blue-green-hazel-light brown-gray..
Or when your teacher gives a 20 minutes speech on wasting time they are the highlight of my day 😂