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Of Criminals and Shinigami

Of Criminals and Shinigami

3.6K Reads 409 Votes 8 Part Story
˗ˏˋ el  ˎˊ˗ By Nashoba Updated Mar 27

[Rewritten version of Friends with a Shinigami]
 Complete and utter solitude.
To most humans that would be nearly intolerable for the would start to crave human interaction, however, Sia thrives in it. She enjoys the peace, loves the animals, and takes care of her little paradise. She is safe in the woods with no name, safe from the humans who would use her so called "gift".
  But all good things come to an end.
The Akatsuki is an organization made up of S-Rank criminals, all ruthless in their own way. They are wanted across the world, known for being killers and terrorists. They refuse to let anyone come in-between them and their goal, all the while finding people who would benefit their organization. And when a living puppet hears of a ghost in the woods, a ghost who can bring you peace with your dead ones, they grow curious... and suspicious. For inside is a shy girl with secret upon secret tucked away with her. So they do what most S-Ranked criminals would do, they kidnap her.
Little by little the Akatsuki begins to discover rules they didn't know existed, and beings that were thought to have been wiped out long ago. And the cold hearted criminals get a dose of reality as they come the terms that just because someone had great power, doesn't mean they long to use it, for everything has risks. 
After all this girl may be the key to their victory... or the reason they're destroyed.
[S/O to @BalladPhoenix for the epic cover!]
[Slow updates]

PerfectlyFaulty PerfectlyFaulty Jul 09, 2016
I got sucked up into the story so quickly I loved it! The Ghost Walker story had me on the edge of my seat to read more. Excellent beginning.
Psychic_Kitten_Girl Psychic_Kitten_Girl Sep 04, 2016
I loved everything about the chapter except for the fact that Sasori killed the girl and her fam. Like, I know you're a bad guy, but that's just rude.
muffinsempai muffinsempai May 29, 2016
The ghost walker story gave me the shivers... in a good way.
                              I was rather sad that she got killed in the first chapter... but that's S-ranked criminals in a nutshell.
CordeliaDavid CordeliaDavid May 29, 2016
I loved it so much! Great birthday present. Please write more, this story intrigues me so much
-chiakii- -chiakii- Jun 02, 2016
I found the Ghost Walker story to be quite intriguing and mysterious. Also, the story is amazing so far, and I can't wait for the next update ^^
BalladPhoenix BalladPhoenix May 29, 2016
Sugoi, sugoi!! I love the story already!! And I really like that Ghost Walker story!! It's super interesting and intriguing!! Good job ((((: And thanks for the dedication, hahaha OvO
                              - R