The Bad Boys Eye Candy [Boyxboy]

The Bad Boys Eye Candy [Boyxboy]

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QueenBubblegum By AngelicPanda976 Updated Dec 31, 2016

"you're mine! Only mine, no guy but me will ever touch, look, or kiss you understand?!" His grip on my wrist tightened, I slightly winced, I  looked up to see his beautiful hazel eyes were now a very dark shade of brown almost black.

"All I was doing was talking to him Elliot!" I instantly regretted saying those words, he clenched his jaw and glared harshly at me.

"I. Said. You're. Mine. Understand." 

"I-i understand" 

Sometimes its good to have a little bit of bad once in a while.
Elliot the schools bad boy and Jack the schools nerd, what could go wrong? 

A\N:short summary! this is my first boyxboy and I'm still not the best writer so yea. Check it out! Hope you like!

dazzlered dazzlered Jan 06
When ever a character says school is hell I start thinking about 10 things I hate about you both the movie and show
ggooll ggooll Sep 20, 2016
Awwwww i like stories like this
                              I'm so excited author-san <333
trashkid- trashkid- Dec 29, 2016
You call her Stephanie?I call her headphanie
                              Sorry not sorry
T-On-The-Wall T-On-The-Wall Nov 10, 2016
Okay, I technically just say my thoughts out loud but only when I'm alone and Revising. Does that still count cause my sister says it does
Ahowelllester Ahowelllester Dec 06, 2016
my names blurry face and I care what you think ~~
                              sorry I'm trash
trashkid- trashkid- Dec 29, 2016
*when you wanna make tøp reference but Someren already did it*