Gangster Meets Playboy [[UNDER REVISION]]

Gangster Meets Playboy [[UNDER REVISION]]

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El De Castro By ElJeon_12 Updated Nov 05, 2020

Violet is a type of girl who don't usually talk and she will just give you her cold stare but since she met Blue whose pestering her life, she became different. 

She changed. 

She's slowly showing off her true self that's hiding in her invisible mask.

Violet is a gangster and Blue is a heartthrob playboy. She's cold hearted, sort of war freak and she has that attitude that everyone will be surely pissed off but he is determined and willing to do everything to put her name in his list. 

But what if the girl he wants to play is a gangster? Will he continue playing? 

Will the gangster fall for him even she know that he's just messing around? 

What will happen if the world of a gangster and playboy collides? 


P.S. Some words are not suitable for young ones. 

Book cover credits to: @Koreanang_Baliw

Date Started: May 29,2016
Date Ended: ______________