Not His Girl

Not His Girl

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There are two things Harper Lynch wasn’t expecting when she made out with an attractive stranger at her aunt’s wedding. 

One: He would show up on her doorstep two weeks later as the son of an old family friend.

Two: That he would be staying in her house, right next door to her. 

If living together isn’t enough, Duke starts to go to Harper’s school for the year, and immediately earns the status of the senior heartthrob. Suddenly, Harper, the girl who keeps mostly to herself and spends a lot of time in her room watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathons, is the envy of every girl in her high school. 

Harper couldn’t care less, and despite that fact that she has insisted that she has in no interest in Duke, she is still subject to the wrath of jealous, catty bitches and the admiration of wide-eyed freshmen. It really doesn’t help that Duke is constantly flirting with her in his own irritating yet charming way.

Harper refuses to be yet another conquest, but is that what Duke wants?

Or does he want more?

mahajuba mahajuba Mar 28
Damn lucky u!!! But the worst part of taking a long leave is that when u go back to school u have LOADS of work to complete
Alaryaya Alaryaya Apr 01
I have a wedding in like 2 months I secretly hope this will happen to me :-)
mahajuba mahajuba Mar 28
Are u sure that u never met him? Or made out with him ?😉😏
Percabethfo Percabethfo Apr 05
These High School Musical comments got me having flashbacks! 😂
chaosonthemoon chaosonthemoon 3 days ago
When my dad's drunk he talks about the weirdest things. Once he talked about how he masturbated and shot his, um, cream into a construction site.
mahajuba mahajuba Mar 28
Didnt see that coming..... knowing that she is a lesbian i feel a sense of relief because now there is no possiblity of her liking duke and getting on their (duke and harper's) way