Love Me Curvy

Love Me Curvy

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loveispriceless By loveispriceless Updated Dec 03, 2017

What I find the most hurtful and the hardest thing is liking someone to only have them fall in love with my younger and prettier sister. Or have guys who would befriend me and pretend to be nice to me just so they can get close to her. It truly hurts knowing I'm being used for someone else's goals. However, I would never blame her for any of this, for it is not her fault that the guys I liked fell in love with her instead.  

I just come to realize that not everyone is meant to fall in love and I might just be one of those people. Because I am starting to wonder if there's really a guy out there who is willing to look past my weight and insecurities, and not fall in love with my baby sister at the same time. 

Erin has always been the ugly sister and the black sheep of the family. She grew up in a world of perfection, and yet she was far from perfect. If she was perfect and flawless as her sister, then 
all the guys she ever had feelings for would have chosen her instead.

So Erin has learn that sometimes love isn't meant for everyone.  Because of that, she decided to dedicate her time and life to her students and being single. 

But everything changes when she meets Caden. 

Caden is ever girl's wet dream. He's tall, rich, and sexy as hell. Which also means he's way out of her league. Erin knows that she will never match someone as perfect as him, but her sister certainly will. Playing cupid Erin hopes to hook Caden up with her sister. 

But what happens when Caden has his eyes set on only one person, Erin.


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This is not the typical beautiful, rich, wattpad girl. Good job
BeMostLike BeMostLike Apr 09
I think her body in the cover is amazing. Even  the goddess of beauty Aphrodite had rolls....basically Erin is goddess of beauty.
mimi345678 mimi345678 2 days ago
Something really wrong with u . You know how much ppl want what u have .
reveur_ reveur_ Apr 09
Man I can relate to Erin. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Maybe I’m better off alone and there is no Mr Right out there for me
Most of the girls in my grade are beautiful with their long, sleek hair, tan, flawless skin, super fit, slim bodies, and designer clothing. Then, I look at my pale skin with freckles across the nose, my obvious belly pouch, my Target clothes and poofy brown hair, and I just feel so inperfect