❛just tonight❜

❛just tonight❜

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hoe daddy's #1 By -peachyseok Completed


wangpuppy: do you like me yet?

marktuan: keep dreaming.

Ended: 7.10.16

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gotphoenix gotphoenix Dec 17, 2016
Gosh i'm so excited to start this.. I have good feelings idek why! Yas let's start!
I thought I was ready but I was not and my entire system is shook. MARK 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍
-chickenwang- -chickenwang- Dec 18, 2016
Bambam needs some serious help that's all i can say. He has no control
-jinkookkk -jinkookkk Dec 12, 2016
i want to cry bc theyre not showing up and i want to see marks bootiful face