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Demonic Bloodshed: A Yandere Simulator Fanfic

Demonic Bloodshed: A Yandere Simulator Fanfic

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TREE (BROS) By Unknown_chan Updated Jun 11

Oka Ruto is the leader of the Occult Club at Akademi High School. She had a normal life, until one fateful day when she accidentally stumbled into the Demon Realm. At first, she is afraid of the demons, but once she starts to befriend them, she starts to change, and begins to become obsessed with spilling the blood of others. But once she finds out Yandere-chan is plotting to kill her, the result could be devastating... and bloody.
DISCLAIMER: I DID NOT draw the picture on the cover. All credit goes to Saiivee on DeviantArt for the picture. Also, characters belong to YandereDev and NOT meh

Wowsers! I wish I had that skill! I tried drawing Oka before but it didn't turn out as well as yours :D
dabakaboy dabakaboy Jun 08, 2016
Very good! Not to bad for a first fanfic. Even me, my first fanfic was a Oka x Shin fanfic I Want You And Your Heart. I found it funny cause, Oka was the last who left the school in the beginning of my fanfic, kinda like yours... I looking forward to read more!
OkaTheCinnamonRoll OkaTheCinnamonRoll Aug 10, 2016
Very beautiful picture of me, but the hair should be blue. Other than that, its EXTREMELY good, nice other color choices.
Nyaa_Sama Nyaa_Sama Sep 28, 2016
Really good! I probably have a little of your skill but JEZ UZ it's awesome!