I Do Bite

I Do Bite

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Caitlyn Morgan By red_homestuck_101 Updated Nov 04, 2016

( vampire  Dave Strider an Dirk Strider 
Human John Egbert and Jake English )

John works a night time shift at a local hospital. Him and his cousin  live in a 3 bedroom  apartment together. 

What happens  when Jake a local  gun range owner beloved cousin  doesn't  come home? 

Man Night jobs suck but not as bad as what is lurking in the dark.

CoolBlaze1 CoolBlaze1 Nov 02, 2016
Jake, honny, if someone bought a gun to the hospital, the police would get called!
Dark_Otaku Dark_Otaku Aug 18, 2016
John is literally me. "I know what I saw! I can't see but I know what I saw!!" Saaaaame. Quite literally
CoolBlaze1 CoolBlaze1 Nov 02, 2016
When you were so scared that you hid under the covers at night when you were a kid.
PercyvelCooke PercyvelCooke May 26, 2016
I can't wait this is gonna be super gr88 AaaAAH I love your writing
Fix_Me_Fourth_Wall Fix_Me_Fourth_Wall Oct 25, 2016
Oh my gog I thought that John was having a back and forth conversation with Dave without realizing it.
EveningRaider EveningRaider Sep 17, 2016
I Was Lis7ening 7o My Spodify Playlis7 On Shuffel, And 7his Song Came Righ7 As I Read
                              "(play here)"