Imperfectly Perfect [Nouis]

Imperfectly Perfect [Nouis]

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❝Imperfection is beauty.❞

When he makes a ritual to buy his morning coffee from the town's quaint little coffee shop, Louis never expected that the cute barista that handed him his drink every morning at 8.30 would mean so much to him later.

Niall never had any idea that the shy, brown haired, beanie clad boy who came to have a drink every morning would end up being so important to him.

And Niall had no idea how different Louis was. And how much Niall could help him.

[Winner of the Bromance Awards 2014 - Nouis category]

Graphics: @uFiona

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ImPineapples ImPineapples Jun 01, 2016
Nouis being gay. Straight from your imagination.
                              Did anyone else catch that?
- - Jun 17, 2015
I can sit straight faced and read the dirtiest  smut, but I can't get through half a sentence of fluff without squealing. Logic.
delete12345678abcd delete12345678abcd Mar 19, 2015
@EmileeWatkins ok u need to read this be cuz our husbands are in this
bananahedgehog bananahedgehog Feb 23, 2015
I swear EACH time I see that a book is written by you I say
                              "Ooo yay! zarrycupcake!"
HeartlessNeko HeartlessNeko Nov 12, 2014
Fluffiness at maximum 100% sir.
                              IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!
grantgustin grantgustin Sep 10, 2014
Re-reading again bc why the fuq not? and this story is my all time favorite.