Live On... (Rock Lee x Reader)

Live On... (Rock Lee x Reader)

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GirlGoneTwisted By GirlGoneTwisted Updated Nov 02

(Y/n) (L/n) is new to Konohagakure, and she meets some pretty interesting Ninja..! But one boy in particular perks her interest...

Rock Lee. He wants to protect (Y/n) with all he has, with all his heart, with his Life. (Y/n) has a special demon inside of her, just like Naruto; and many Ninja are after that power... Including the band of Rouge Ninja, the Akatsuki.

But what if there's another thing that's killing her? And that one thing isn't somebody else...

It's herself...

Will Lee find out about (Y/n)'s Suicidal actions..? Or will he be too late?

IRUKA IS MY SENPAI!!!! Gaara is my second senpai!!! And of course Lee is my third senpai!! XD   ^///^
She doesn't think your weird, nice sparing partner, and a good enthusiastic friend!!!
                              Don't get used to this softy mushy side!!!!
pikagirl777 pikagirl777 Sep 13
*currently crying with laughter* Oh Sensei I love you but hella no XD
Since it ended in a tie does that mean I'm better than him? Because my energy was low when I found him. Or was he holding back and is better than me?
Cause I'm mentally insane? Or your soul mate or is it the fact that I don't yell "BUSHY BROWS!!" every time I see you?
You mean drown 
                              I can't swim even if Barney,and those children where chasing after me trying to sell me drugs cause they have to bring Barney back to jail and them bail him out so he can molest them again and they're also looking for a new member