Not Everything's A Joke (Complete)

Not Everything's A Joke (Complete)

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Gotta Write Fast By Cevi-Kun Completed

(If you're wondering why this sucks so hard it's because I wrote this a pretty long time ago. When I sucked)

He couldn't help the way he looked, but he could do something about the insults that come with it. Mainly, Karma Akabane. 

(If you have absolutely no who Karma×Nagisa is, I recommend you watch the series.)

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irvine328 irvine328 Sep 26, 2017
OH F*** KARMA-KUN NOOOOOOO, ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE NAGISA-KUN HATE YOU!? But I have to give him points for the Toradora reference xD
irvine328 irvine328 Sep 26, 2017
To far Karma-kun, way to far, you just crossed a line BIG TIME
DoomedGirl DoomedGirl Aug 21, 2017
when your best friend calls someone else their best friend...
DootTheLostSibling DootTheLostSibling Aug 11, 2017
g e t t i n g  s o m e  d r a m a t i c a l  m u r d e r  f l a s h b a c k s  h e r e  f o l k s
Miss_Otaku_OXO Miss_Otaku_OXO Oct 18, 2017
"Did I do something to MAKE you on your period?" sorry karma, you can't make someone on their period XD it doesn't work that way...