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When Worlds Collide: Book Three, Fire

When Worlds Collide: Book Three, Fire

167K Reads 6.7K Votes 20 Part Story
Kaelyn By CreativityFlow Completed

The long lost legend has been found. Everyone thought she was just that - a legend, an old story told to put little children asleep. She was just a figure, someone that whoever she sided with, they would conquer, and win the everlasting war. Sam is in an emotional turmoil. She's been stuck in the Avatar world for what seems like forever, and now the only friends she has is the returned Fire Nation prince, and Iroh, who is now in prison for crimes against his nation. She is now forced to stay in the palace, except for rare exceptions. All she wants is to back at Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Tophs side. The only hope she has is the day of the Black Sun, when her friends planned to invade the Fire Nation.  But, now that she and Zuko are seeing each other more and more every day, even she can't deny the sparks that make themselves more known every day. But she promised to hate him. How could she not, after all he's done? But he's there, and she's always, always conscious of that fact. In the third, and final, installment of When Worlds Collide, Sam has to make a choice. Several choices. Who will she choose? What will she choose? Is Sam doomed to never see her family again, or she doomed to never see her new friends and home again?

  • aang
  • airbender
  • atla
  • avatar
  • azula
  • fire
  • iroh
  • katara
  • last
  • lord
  • ozai
  • sokka
  • sukki
  • toph
  • zuko
StarfireSeed StarfireSeed May 03, 2016
Ima be honest, that would be fun to be able to destroy tons of glass if i wouldnt get in trouble xD
-The-Architect -The-Architect Aug 27, 2016
Why are she scared of him? It's not like he can do anything to her. If he did, he would no longer have the weapon. So... He's kind of in a rut when it comes to threatening her.
saphire_otaku saphire_otaku Feb 16, 2016
I'm sad, I can't actually see the picture so I can't see #Zam so I have no idea how Sam looks like
ShadowFang1314 ShadowFang1314 Jun 23, 2016
I'm a bit bipolar, and if I were in the readers shoes I would be doing about the same, but worse. After awhile I would act like I'm on their side then take my leave in the shadows. (I is smart)
Fujoshi_girl9000 Fujoshi_girl9000 Nov 16, 2015
                              B!+©c WHAT U GONNA DO
_teentrovert_ _teentrovert_ Aug 14, 2015
Screw you Zuko. No longer banished Prince of the fire nation but more like STUPID prince of the fire nation.