5 mates...call me a doctor!!!

5 mates...call me a doctor!!!

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Infiniteandbeyond123 By Infiniteandbeyond123 Updated Aug 15, 2015

Think of your worst week ever, then double it...times it by ten and add 100. That about sums up my week. 

Ok before I start to tell you my story I need to explain a few things.

1. I am a werewolf - I am a human that turns into a giant hairy wolf. No I do not eat people, yes I can shift when I want and no our clothes don't magically stay on our body when we shift, I mean yes, I am a supernatural being but come on..give me a brake.

2. I have 3 very over protective brothers - 
Conner- alpha of our pack . 21 he has light brown hair 6'3, he has a mate called Olivia-19

Tyler- 19 he has light brown hair 6'1 has a mate called Jasmine/ jaz-19.

Lucas- 17 he has light brown hair 6'2 he has a mate called Rosie-17

They are extremely over protective. But I love them all.

3. I have 5 mates.

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oupashna oupashna Feb 27
In Hindu Mythology , I would compare to Draupadi who had gotten married to five husbands ... 😂 And she has 5 mates 🤣
somo-fan102 somo-fan102 Apr 06, 2016
I once read a book where 1 girl had 10 mates ut was 8 at first but then she found out her principle was her mate and a demon and her science teacher was her mate and he was a witch the other 8 were all bew teachers also
nerdygirl846 nerdygirl846 Jul 31, 2016
my best friends middle name is rose (her first name is shyanne but i call her annie)
oOPiggyPotatoOo oOPiggyPotatoOo Oct 10, 2016
Good for you, u said it like u exprienced having more then onemate before
fictionnotfriends fictionnotfriends Oct 21, 2016
I read this book where this girl was a hybrid so she had a bunch of mates but when she gets marked by one, then she'll only have one mate.
cambrave18 cambrave18 Jan 25, 2016
I mean c'mon how does that even work do like reject all of them or do u have 5 big loving dogs