River: Book 2.5

River: Book 2.5

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N.A. Carson By varzanic Completed

River is an omega.

He's been own since he was thirteen. His coat is too dark for the dominants looking for their perfect white subs, so he suffers rejection after rejection.

As he grows older, River fears he'll never find a mate. He wants to give back to his pack, but for someone of his status that can only happen through attracting a high profile dominant. River doubts that is even possible for a lowly omega, like himself.

One new member to the pack thinks differently. Aden becomes River's friend and helps him impress some visiting werewolves. River is offered an interview. Something that has never happened before. 

But with such beautiful fair coated sub and strong females in the running, River is going to have to be perfect, or return to Northern Ridge having failed again.

moonbacks moonbacks May 02
I used to have a weird shell collection
                              And when I mean weird I mean weirdly shaped shells in my collection
This is so good but haha ill always love the old version too ❤❤❤
OhMyGlobSoCliche189 OhMyGlobSoCliche189 May 27, 2016
He accidentally woke and jumped titus no.2 instead of aden didn't he? 
Shoesxoxoxo Shoesxoxoxo May 28, 2016
I am so happy you decided to do over this book!! :D River has to be one of my favorite characters from your werewolf series. Maybe in this book you will write a little more about Cyrus's childhood.....? Either way, I am happy! <3
OhMyGlobSoCliche189 OhMyGlobSoCliche189 May 27, 2016
I used to have a pebble collection when I was small, then it was marbles which I still have...somewhere
PrinceDel PrinceDel Jun 09, 2016
How was I not aware that you made a new version of like my favorite book?? I'm so behind!! 😭