Mountains And Plains (Unedited)

Mountains And Plains (Unedited)

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What if America was never found? What if the land we know as America was untouched by human hand? What if those mountains and plains were called The Blank Land?

The student of biology and criminology Ary Night lived her life as normal as any other human being can. She attends university and has fun with her best friend Emma when it's possible.

And for her birthday Ary gets two tickets for a trip around The Blank Land by boat. Shrouded in mystery and indefeasible by big waves the land makes Ary too curious to say no for that kind of trip. Even if there is a risk to sink to the bottom of the sea or being captured by men wearing only fur.

Warning: This story contains gore and sexual continent. Read at your risk!

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Cover by PheonixOfStorys

  • ancestors
  • attention
  • death
  • magic
  • mate
  • ritual
  • spirits
  • tribes
  • unknownland
  • war
  • werewolf
Sigh I disagree with that last statement Colombus actually didn’t kill the Indians and he wasn’t as bad as the English, French or Portuguese. But whatever I’m not gonna argue about this on another book😂 still gonna read tho cause this seems like a very interesting plot😊
DemonGirl99 DemonGirl99 Dec 07, 2017
Being Native American I like this story already. In case anyone was wondering I'm also a Columbus hater.
He didn't technically discover America, he discovered the West Indies
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Jan 20
Oh, thank goodness because I was about to complain about the European colonizers making everyone think people didn't exist in America before but thats obviously not the case then
FloraDesire FloraDesire Nov 29, 2016
so she likes him and he likes her. now where will werewolves will fit in it?
notthatshelby notthatshelby Dec 09, 2016
Machine* but the way you spelled it actually makes a lot more sense.