The Heart of a Skin-Changer (Hobbit Fanfic)

The Heart of a Skin-Changer (Hobbit Fanfic)

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Nova_Oakenshield By MoonsongMarauder Updated Jul 25, 2017

Lethia. A fighter. A survivor. She has lived though torment and death, forever trying to forget the horrors of the past. Lothlorien has become her home, though her heart could never truly belong. Many Galadrim Elves say her name brings bad luck. Sweet Oblivion, a thing Lethia has often contemplated. Oblivion, Death, To end her mental torment. The scars on the outside have begun to heal, but no one can tell when the mental scars will disappear. She is lost, living out her life in meaningless routine, trying to ignore the call of the blade that could end her troubles in one swift blow. 

Yet, one day, she is called for by the Lady Galadriel. All her training, the endless days of being shouted at, it has all been for something. And she has no clue how much that something could change her life forever... 

*I don't own any of the characters, locations etc. except Lethia and a few others. All credit goes to JRR Tolkien. 
** Warning: this book does deal with some mature themes, such as self-harm. There are only a few references so it's nothing graphic. I am sorry if this offends anyone, this story is not written to offend anyone, it is purely something I have come up with.
*** This is based around before the dwarves lost Erebor, I can't guarantee that all the timelines will match though

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RohirricShieldmaiden RohirricShieldmaiden Aug 24, 2017
Love the story.   This character is great and I love that she's a wolf.
                     the way, the pic at the top is of a coyote.
                              Sorry if that was annoying for me to say.  But we have a crap ton around, if know one blindfolded.  Lol